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The Inherent Strengths in Kinship Families

Kinship Training for Caregivers and Professionals
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The Inherent Strengths in Kinship Families is a training series developed by Dr. Joseph Crumbley for kinship caregivers and professionals. The series takes a strength-based perspective in outlining different topics that are unique to kinship families and providing strategies for caregivers. 

The purpose of this training for kinship caregivers is: 

  • To identify their strengths and the unique experiences they provide children being raised in their families

  • How to utilize their unique strengths and advantages in providing stability, safety and permanency for the children in their care.

The purpose of the. training for professionals and service providers is: 

  • To utilize a model of kinship specific training for caregivers that enhances and emphasizes their strengths, resourcefulness and skills as kinship care providers

  • How to support, recognize and differentiate the strengths in kinship families from non-kinship (adoptive and foster) families.

$1200 per set

  • This training set consists of 6 modules, two videos in each module for a total of 12 videos
  • Each video is approximately 30 minutes and less.
  • A Facilitator's Guide is provided for each of the six modules for a total of 6 guides.

Optional Consultation ( $100. per/hr)

Training in using the Facilitator's Guide in showing the videos, methods of being interactive in person or chat formats, utilizing worksheets and implementing group or individual activities and discussions in the guide. 

To place an order for consultation, ask questions or request a call back, please complete the below form and submit and we will follow up with you.

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