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Dr. Joseph Crumbley

Trainer, Consultant and Therapist

Dr. Crumbley is a global go-to expert in Kinship care. He has consulted on transracial adoptions and kinship care to 60 Minutes, The New York Times and The Oprah Winfrey Show, and provided expert testimony to the U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, the United Nations and Philadelphia City Council.

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I have taken several of Dr. Crumbley's trainings and as a child raised by my grandmother, then later as a kinship caregiver for my niece, I can attest to the wisdom, guidance and healing that these trainings have provided me. His relational, approachable and applicable methods for healing and restoring relationships, initiating those tough conversations and just being able to evaluate where you are in the process is a game changer. And now as a Kinship Childcare Professional it has also allowed me to become a better listener and support to my kinship families.

- Candy Wray, PA KinConnector


Dr. Crumbley inspired confidence in the things we were already doing, but he also clarifies the direction that we could go in.

- Caregiver

Definitely "hit home" so thankful for this training even though at 8 years into my role as a Kinship caregiver.  The information will help me go forward, and find peace from the past.

- Caregiver

Dr. Joseph Crumbley Books

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The rapid growth of kinship care has caught many child welfare agencies off guard. Relatives Raising Children: An Overview of Kinship Gare gives professionals, agencies, institutions, communities, and organizations the information they need to develop and provide services to kinship caregivers, kinship families, children and parents. The authors discuss common clinical issues, suggest intervention strategies, examine kinship care’s legal implications, and offer policy and program recommendations.

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Transracial adoption and foster care has been a controversial topic throughout this decade – a topic that has led to arguments and divisions between families, neighborhoods, professionals, and policymakers on both local and national levels. The purpose of Transracial Adoption and Foster Care: Practice Issues for Professionals is to go beyond the arguments and ask the question: How do we as professionals help children and families make transracial adoptions and foster placements work?

Books can be purchased at
Child Welfare League of America’s Bookstore
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