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Audience: Foster/adoptive parents, clinicians, supervisors, trainers, and administrators.
Cost: Costs are negotiable
Length: Half-day, one day
Module 1: A Clinical Overview of Transracial/Transcultural Issues in Adoption and Foster Care. The training topics in this module include:

  • Identifying the special needs of children in transracial/transcultural foster care or adoptions
  • Developing positive racial and cultural identity
  • The impact of transracial/transcultural placement and adoption on the child and foster/adoptive family
  • Audience: Foster/adoptive parents, clinicians, supervisors, trainers, and administrators) parenting tasks in adoption or foster placement
  • Assessing a family's ability to foster/adopt transracially or transculturally.
The distinguishing characteristic of this training is that it applies to children from multiple races, various cultures, from both domestic and international countries. This training also addresses adoption and foster care placements.
Note: Related training materials by Dr. Crumbley can be ordered directly from him.

Module 2: A Clinical Overview of Kinship Care. The training topics in this module include:

  • The impact of kinship care on relative caregivers, birth parents, and child in kinship care
  • Intervening with kinship families
  • Caregiver and birth parent tasks in kinship families
  • Similarities and differences in relative and non-relative placements and adoptions
  • assessing a family's ability to provide kinship care.
A distinguishing characteristic of the training is that the birth parent issues are included in the training. The training also addresses kinship, adoption, and foster care placement in multiple cultures and races.
Note: Related book by Dr. Crumbley "Relatives Raising Children: An Overview of Kinship Care" can be ordered directly from him.

Other workshops can be presented on a variety of topics. See Curriculm Vitae for examples of topic areas.
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